Top E-Commerce Platforms

Just started a series of articles about my experiences developing e-commerce platforms, they are plenty of great ones available, though it's often not easy to work out what you should be looking for. For a step by step guide check out the articles here:

Top E-Commerce Platforms

Windows Phone 7 Bing Map

Just found this nice article describing how to add a Bing Map Control to a Windows Phone 7 App really worth looking at:

Windows Phone 7 Bing Map Control

Windows Phone 7 Development Jump Start

With the release of the RTM version of the Windows Phone 7 developer tools set for the 16th of September. This series of 12 screen casts from Microsoft MVP'S Andy Wigley and Rob Miles is a seriously good way to get up to speed in developing applications with Silverlight and XNA for the Windows Phone 7 Platform. Aside from the bad jokes and the English Accents both these guys have years of experience developing for the mobile platform and their enthusiasm and excitement about the Windows Phone 7 Platform shines through.

See the first Screencast here which has the links to the other 11:

Windows Phone 7 Jumpstart Introduction

You can also get the code examples and accompanying documents here at the Jump Start Site:

Jumpstart Companion Site