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ReSharper 4.5 Release Candidate Published

I have been using the ReSharper  4.5 Beta release for the last couple of weeks and found it to be reasonably stable and much faster than version 4. I just noticed that a release candidate has been posted on their nightly builds page:


Face it guys, if you can (hand on heart) write a couple of hundred lines of code on a Friday without a single bug *** cough *** feature then you would be either A) an AI or B) able to touch type machine code.

ReSharper is all about taking the pain out of coding by making it harder to make mistakes and also helping you do that faster so you can spend more time on the important things. Granted, it won’t make you a latte or pay for your beers but it will certainly help to keep your typo factor down to bare minimum and probably keep your project manager/lead dev off your back to boot!

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