MVC Support in the ASP.NET control suite market

One of the problems with embracing MVC is that the toolsets we may have used in our standard ASP.NET web forms projects may now not work in a new MVC project.

However, do not fear! some of the big guns in the control suite market already have MVC support, so you may not need to re-invest in new MVC versions of the same suites or have to start re-inventing the wheel building MVC controls yourself.

Telerik (10/10 Fully supported)

telerikLogo-web-174x69pxTelerik’s RAD Controls for ASP.NET AJAX, for example, have fully supported MVC since their 2009 Q1 release and have even provided a sample application:
MVC forums, see the demo here:

with full source code available here:

I dug into this offering this week and found some interesting stuff. Firstly, they are using their own ORM (Telerik Open Access ORM), which incidentally is free to use provided you are connecting to a free database (MySQL or SQL Express for example).

I have been playing with Open Access for a while, doing my own version of ORM wars, one of the things I find about ORM’s generally is a surprising lack of real world tutorials and while the Webcasts tend to focus on the basic functionality and the one click crowd  pleasers, they do not dig deeply enough into the big questions. One of the cool things about Telerik’s demo is that they have built their own membership provider which uses their ORM for data persistence. When choosing a product to put into production it is very important to see examples of the enterprise implementation of a product and simply having a shiny examples page and the ability to demo the suite for a month will not be enough for a decision maker to make the jump.

DevExpress (8/10 full support in future version, now providing sample code for existing version)

devexpress DevExpress have committed to providing full support for MVC in their next version of the control suite however in the meantime they are proving examples and tutorials you can see the tutorial and download the sample code here: .

Although relatively new in control suite market DevExpress, have impressed me with their agile approach, providing new functionalities and new versions quickly.

This tutorial focuses on the ability of the DevExpress controls to use call backs which essentially means that it should run faster. The sample code includes a full site using different controls to illustrate the methodology.

ComponentArt (6/10 some support)

componentart ComponentArt’s Web.UI supports MVC via it’s ComponentArt CallBack component in much the same way as DevExpress does in their examples. Again, they do not heavily advertise this in their marketing but they do offer examples on implementation.

See Here for demo code and applications:

Infragistics (0/10 no support)

Infragistics Infragistics have taken the stance that MVC is such an entirely different framework to work with that it will require a new suite of controls to really support it, although interestingly I cannot find any announcement or reference to any project which may may have been started.

See here for explanations from the Infragistics forum:

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