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Windows Phone 7 Development Tools

Hot of the press after MIX2010 the CTP for Windows Phone 7 Development tools is now available for download, the installer includes VS2010 Express for Windows Phone 7 CTP, the Windows Phone 7 Emulator CTP, Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 CTP and XNA 4.0 Game Studio. It took about 4 minutes to install and you need about 4 GB space available (note: if you already have any flavour of VS2010 RC installed then this installer just adds the relevant tools to your installation and will not install VS2010 Express for Windows Phone):


After that it's as simple as creating a new Windows 7 Phone Project and building:

For more details, tutorials, code examples etc. see the Windows Phone 7 Series development portal here:

For Windows Phone 7 Series News:

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