Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools Now work with Visual Studio 2010

If you are dabbling with Windows Phone 7 Development then I am sure you are probably aware that up until now the Windows Phone 7 Development Toolkit CTP only worked with the Beta Version of Visual Studio 2010.

The recently announced April Refresh for the Developer Tools CTP now supports the RTM of Visual 2010 so you can go get a copy and start coding your way to Windows Phone 7 application stardom!

Couple of gotchas though, before you install the Developer tools you will need to uninstall the Silverlight 4 SDK, otherwise the install will fail and, Contrary to Charlie Kindles (Windows Phone 7 development product leads) explanation at Mix this year, the development tools installer automatically installs Visual Studio Express 2010 for Windows Phone 7 as well, NOT just adding the tools to your VS2010 installation, so you will need extra space for the install.

You can download the Developer Tools here:

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