IIS Express

If like me you are sick to death of Cassini (whats that then? its the built in web server that visual studio uses) and also sick to death of playing around with IIS 7 then relief is at hand. Scott Gu just announced the new IIS express which you can set as the default server in Visual Studio 2010 instead of Cassini or IIS 7 proper.

Why would you want to do that? you may be asking, well there are several good reasons for changing over:

1. IIS Express will start up and run like Cassini does when you run an application in debug from Visual Studio. This means that you do not really need to have IIS 7 installed and running on your dev machine (some places I worked at did not even allow IIS on dev machines anyway).
2. IIS Express is lightweight (10 MB install).
3. Supports SSL (Even installs its own self signed certificate nice!).
4. Supports URL routing
5. Does not need to be running in an administrative account to debug in Visual Studio 2010.
6. Will also work on Windows XP.

All in all this is a really smart positive step forward for web development in ASP.NET and about time Cassini got retired (it was a nice idea, but IMHO it was always half cooked , I like my dev tools well done thank you very much!) The public beta will be available soon and future VS editions will install it automatically.

Read the full details here over at Scott Gu's blog

Scott Gus Blog Post