Telerik Q2 2010 Betas Now Available

I have to say that I really like what Telerik are doing these days, I have always liked and used their Rad Control suites and the Rad Ajax and Silverlight Controls really make it easy for me to get great looking sites with cutting edge functionality up and running with much less effort. These days though, its not just Windows, Silverlight and ASP.NET controls they do.

You should really take a look (if you haven't already) at their Open Access ORM, this is a cutting edge data access tool (ORM) which REALLY takes the ouch out of building CRUD methods or creating your own DAL. The Q1 release saw some serious performance improvements and the wizards which run out of Visual Studio have gotten even better. You can build your DAL 2 ways, either by pointing Open Access at your existing database, or even creating a Database based upon the business objects you already created, what matters most though is that Open Access works on most available Databases, which means you are free from your data store and can easily move from database to database. Open Access also handles really complex mapping so it is much easier to work with existing complex data structures and relationships.

Also, Teleriks code completion and Re-factoring tool Just Code has now got unit testing support and Just Mock (Very Cool mocking framework) is also in Beta, in the same vein and quality/performance of their other tools, these also look set to take the pain out of testing and mocking. The new Beta of Just Code also includes integration with Just Mock to make it even easier to get mocking set up in your applications.

Anyway, the 2010 Q2 betas are now ready to download so there is no better time to take a look at all the pain you could be avoiding!

Rad Controls for ASP.NET AJAX

Rad Controls for Silverlight

Just Mock

Open Access Orm

Just Code